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Top 3 Management Skills Employers Look For

Collaborated Careers 12 July

If you have ambitions of moving into management, there are certain skills that contribute to success at this level. When employers are considering management candidates, these are a few of the skills they are looking for.

Interpersonal Skills

A management position means you will be managing people. Your people skills are very important. If you lack the self-control and emotional intelligence to deal with difficult people, both co-workers or clients, it can greatly decrease your chances of moving into management.

You can improve your interpersonal skills by first dealing with issues on a personal level. Do you get angry easily? Are you overly sensitive? Use self-help books or therapy to work through your people issues, so that you can improve on both a personal and a professional level.

Initiative and Motivation

At a management level, there is no room for procrastination and lack of motivation. At this level, you are expected to take the reign of your time and energy in order to be productive. If you struggle with initiative and motivation, it can discourage employers from considering you for management positions.

Start working on this now in all aspects of your life. Use books and online resources to educate yourself on how to kick procrastination and become more motivated.

Decision Making

A good manager is willing to take the lead and make decisions. This is another area you can start to work on right now, even if you are not in a management position. When there is an opportunity to take the lead on something, grab it. It is very easy to fall into the shadows and let others make the choices, but employers are looking for leaders, not followers to put into management roles. Employers will notice employees that step up.

You should note, however, those who take on the responsibility of decision making will also take on the responsibility of consequences. Sometimes the consequences will be good and sometimes they will not. This is a risk that leaders take.

If you are hoping to move into a management position one day, take note of the management skills that employers look for. If you struggle with any of the skills listed here, start working on improving these areas today.