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Three Good Jobs for Tech-Savvy People

Collaborated Careers 10 August

If you're a tech-savvy person, you're going to want to work a job that allows you to use your skills to their maximum. These are three jobs that may interest you if you're good with your hands and love working with mechanical things:

Computer Repair Person

You might enjoy a job as a computer repair person if you have a textbook knowledge of computers, and you love working on them in various ways. You can help people resolve software glitches and expand their memory. You can repair laptop screens and keys, as well. The best part is that you can work this type of job alone, or you can work for a company that repairs computers for its clients.

Cable Installer

You might also be interested in installing cable TV systems to residential homes and businesses. These jobs often have high salaries and extensive training. You'll be able to expand your skills by going away to a lengthy training class. You might also have the benefit of driving a company car to the various destinations you need to service. It will be an additional benefit for you to have this type of job if you enjoy being outside. Many cable installers have to spend some time outside to do their projects.

Video Game Designer

Perhaps the most enjoyable job of them all is a video game designer's job. These individuals create video games that people of all ages and classes can play. You'll be responsible for creating design and gameplay elements and ensuring that the user interfaces are easy for players to understand. Alternatively, you might be more interested in a game testing position. Game testers receive new games, and they play them to check for glitches and problems. These people write reports about their experiences so that the developers can make the necessary changes.

Those are a few jobs you can look into if you want to work in a position that allows you to utilize your technical skills. You can send your CV to such employers to see if they will bring you in for an interview.