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Tapping Into the Seasonal Job Market - What You Need to Know

Collaborated Careers 12 October

Seasonal work can be a great way to make cash and get your foot in the door with companies that can otherwise be difficult to hire on with. If you are considering seasonal work, here are a few things you should keep in mind during your job search.

Know When the Season Starts

Many people think seasonal work starts after Thanksgiving. Most seasonal or holiday retail campaigns actually begin much earlier, and hiring for the seasonal or holiday rush starts early too. Many retailers begin their seasonal hiring as early as August. You should seek seasonal work earlier than Thanksgiving and most likely earlier than Halloween. If you are hoping to add seasonal work as a second job each year, you should keep a running list of when certain companies start their seasonal hiring process.

Don't Think Too Short Term

By definition, seasonal work sounds very temporary. However, many companies use their seasonal hiring push as their main way to recruit new long term employees. This gives the employer a chance to see you in action before deciding whether or not to hire you on permanently. If you are interested in hiring on permanently with the company, then make sure you are always giving your best effort every day. It helps to think of each workday as a type of live-action interview.

Don't Forget to Add Work To Your Resume

Even if you only work temporarily with a company, the experience you gain with them can be a valuable addition to your resume. Keep good track of the new skills you are learning during your seasonal work, the dates you worked, the tasks you were in charge of, and contact information for anyone you would like to use as references in the future. All of this will make great additions to your resume for future job applications.

Seasonal work is not just a great way to add extra cash into your holiday bank account. Seasonal work can give you a great introduction to certain companies as well as valuable resume information for future job pursuits.