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Collaborated Careers 9 February

If you think you have simply been cursed with a lack of soft skills, think again. Although soft skills are often thought of as personality traits, the truth is soft skills are a skill set that can be learned just like any other. The best way to work on improving your soft skills is to take an online course. There are great online courses available to help in this department.

Identify Soft Skills Gaps

In order to improve your soft skills, it is important first to identify which soft skills are lacking. This can sometimes be difficult because soft skills gaps are usually identified through constructive criticism from employers, teachers, friends, or family. If you are resistant to this criticism then you will have a hard time identifying which skills need work. Listen to constructive criticism and mentally take notes of what you need to work on.

Google Digital Garage

The Google Digital Garage is a vast online learning platform that is absolutely free. The program was developed as part of the Grow With Google program to help educate people looking for digital skills training. Google Digital Garage offers soft skills training among their many free offerings. The courses are set up in a self-paced format with easy-to-follow modules.

Open Learn

Open Learn is an online learning platform that offers many career development courses for free. Soft skills development is one such course. You can jump in at any time to start one of these courses. You can enjoy a self-paced learning program that will improve your job skills and marketability.

Good Will Industries

One of the core pillars of Good Will Industries is an effort to help individuals find employment. One way they accomplish this is through career development training. At you will find a variety of online courses to help improve your job skills. All of these courses are offered for free through Good Will Industries. Under Work and Workplace Skills you will find courses to help you with your soft skills such as communication skills and workplace basics.

Don't be discouraged if certain soft skills do not come to you naturally. These skills can be learned with the help of these free programs.