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Is An Apprenticeship Right for You?

Collaborated Careers 12 January

Training for a career can come in many forms. There is a great misconception that the only way you can prepare for your career is by attending college and earning a regular four-year degree. The truth, however, is that there are other legitimate career training opportunities as well, such as apprenticeships. Let's look at apprenticeships to help you decide if this is the right career training option for you.

What Is An Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a training program used to prepare individuals for particular careers and trades. Apprenticeship programs are often used for trades that are very hands-on such as carpentry or electrical work.

How Does An Apprenticeship Work?

You apply for an apprenticeship much the same way you apply for a job. The main difference is that once you are accepted into an apprenticeship program, you will not simply be considered an employee. Rather, you will be considered an apprentice. An apprentice is in training and will not be paid the same amount as a regular employee would in that trade. Most apprenticeships do pay you while you are being trained. This is one advantage over regular college or vocational training.

How Long Does an Apprenticeship Take?

Apprenticeship programs will vary from program to program. In most cases, an apprenticeship will take about two years. Some programs will have graduated levels that you can work through. At each level, you can increase your earning potential.

An apprenticeship is a great alternative to a traditional college education. It is often a good way to get into certain trade industries.