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Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Collaborated Careers 12 May

Although college can be an exciting time for learning and exploring, it can also be a stressful time as you try to navigate finances without the full support of your parents anymore. To help offset some of your expenses, you will probably need a part-time job while you are in college. Let's look at a few part-time jobs that work well for college students.

Food Service

Food service positions often have flexible schedules that work well with college classes. You can customize your schedule around class time to ensure you have ample time for class, study, and social activities. Many food service positions also offer opportunities to move up into management positions if you choose to do so. Positions that provide tip wages can also add an extra boost to your income each week.


Many college students can make extra money by tutoring high schoolers. Your high school years are fresh on your mind and you can help younger students navigate some of those tough classes or SAT prep. Today, tutoring can even be completed online to further simplify your schedule and cut down on traveling expenses.

Pet Care

Many families need assistance with caring for their pets while they work or travel. You can assist and earn money by assisting with pets. If you are pet sitting in someone's home, you can work and study at the same time. This is a great bonus to you as your time is extremely valuable right now.