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Becoming a Chiropractic Assistant - Is It Right For You?

Collaborated Careers 13 December

The chiropractic industry has many types of positions for those who are interested in health and wellness. Let's look at how to become a chiropractic assistant to see if it is right for you.

What Is A Chiropractic Assistant?

A chiropractic assistant is an individual who is trained to assist in a chiropractor's office. This individual will help with front desk services as well as help the chiropractor work with patients. Tasks may include setting up the exam room, cleaning up after a visit, taking calls, scheduling appointments, and working with patients before their visit.

Training and Education

You can obtain the necessary training for this position through most community colleges or chiropractic schools. Courses will include work in administrative tasks, customer service, and basic chiropractic knowledge. Most regions require that anyone working in a chiropractor's office is certified. You can obtain chiropractic assistance certification information through your training facility.

How Much Do Assistants Make?

After completing training and certification, you can expect to make between £25,000 - £30,0000 per year. Your salary will be determined by the facility in which you work, length of experience, and the average salary for this position in your region.

Benefits of This Job

Some of the benefits of this job include discounts on chiropractic services, the opportunity to move up in the industry, and the chance to work in an environment focused on health and wellness.

This is a great job opportunity for anyone interested in chiropractic services and natural health care.