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4 Jobs That Help Change the World for the Better

Collaborated Careers 27 Sep

As most people realize eventually, sometimes just having a job isn’t enough. People often seek to feel fulfilled as well as have a stable income. If you desire meaning in your job, here are four job options that help change the world for the better.


To be a translator, you only need to be fluent in at least one other language. Often, translators are instrumental in assisting world leaders to communicate with another. Your translator skills and training could play an important role in preventing or ending world crises.

Marriage Counselor

As a marriage counselor, you would assist couples in learning how better to get along. You would work privately with married couples, and help them learn to love each other again. Your work could help families stay together instead of being torn apart.


When individuals find themselves at odds with others, they often seek the help of a solicitor to take the other party to court. In some instances, cases could be settled in a more amicable manner out of court. This is where your services as a mediator or arbitrator come into play. You help each side see the other party’s point of view, and assist in resolving the issue in a manner that is fair, calm and satisfactory for everyone involved.

Park Ranger

Park rangers work in public parks and wildlife areas to ensure safety for people and animals. Rangers protect wildlife against nature, poachers and other dangers. They ensure that those who visit these areas remain safe from animals and natural dangers like weather and other anomalies. Your work as a ranger would facilitate the peaceful co-existence of mankind and nature.

These four jobs not only offer a stable income, but a sense of value and self-fulfillment.